Appliance Repairs Service for Letting Agents & Landlords in Colchester 

Offering our services for letting agent repairs in Colchester, we can help you today! The easy solution to your white goods maintenance requirements. Simply provide us with your tenants details and we will liaise with the tenant, diagnose the fault and quote you before any work is carried out! We work with private landlords, letting agents as well as insurance companies and charity organisations. 
Here at East Coast Appliances, we take the utmost care to ensure that every job we undertake is carried out to the very highest standards, no matter how big or small the job! That’s why we proudly offer tailorable appliance repair services for letting agents and landlords across Colchester and its wider surrounding areas. Our thorough and efficient service makes it simpler than ever to maintain the standard of your home appliances across numerous properties and property types. 
All you have to do is provide us with your tenant’s details, and leave the rest to us! We’ll acquire all of the necessary information and give you a fully transparent quote based upon our assessment, prior to any work being undertaken. 
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the landlord's responsibilities for repairs? 
Your landlord’s responsibilities for repairs will be outlined clearly in your tenancy agreement. Some landlords may be more involved than others. There are, however, a number of property repairs that the majority of landlords are responsible for. These include repairs to the structure/ exterior of your home (walls, foundations, windows, external doors). Repairs to toilets, baths and sinks, as well as their pipework, are also included. Finally, landlords are required to complete repairs to water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, boilers, radiators, gas fires, fitted electric fires or fitted heaters. These responsibilities cannot be removed by your tenancy agreement nor can the cost of these specific repairs be passed on to you. They are your landlord's responsibility. 
Who is responsible for repairs in rented property? 
Repair responsibilities will be laid out by your landlord before you move into your property. When you move in, you will be given and expected to sign a tenancy agreement. In the vast majority of cases, your tenancy agreement will outline who is responsible for repairs in the property. If it doesn’t, it is best to communicate with your landlord prior to moving in so you are clear. There will be a certain amount of repairs that all landlords will need to oversee. As a general rule, small interior repairs are expected to be completed by the tenant. 
Why is it important to respond quickly to repairs as a landlord? 
Responding to repair requests for your property is good practise and will be beneficial for both you and your tenants. For the landlord, the quicker the issue is resolved the better. If repairs are left, they may get worse and eventually cost you more money. Let us also consider your tenants: the relationship between a landlord and their tenants is important. If you are on good terms with your tenants, the tenancy will be both successful and amicable. A frayed relationship between both parties can be stressful and difficult. In the interest of maintaining a good relationship with tenants, landlords should strive to complete any work as soon as possible. Neglecting any work requests from tenants will cause division and could invite legal action. 
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